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Liquid Chalk

Does your grip prevent you from getting the absolute most out of every workout? Do you want to smash through your current personal bests, or reach a new high on the climbing wall?


Mana liquid chalk can help you achieve this by providing a stronger and more durable grip by reducing sweat. Train with confidence and focus on maximising your performance in a wide range of sports such as weightlifting, rock climbing, gymnastics and many more.

  • Product Info

    DO MORE - Dramatically improve your grip strength by eliminating sweaty palms.


    FAST ACTING - Extremely easy to apply and fast-drying. Mana liquid chalk gets to work in seconds and will help power your whole session.


    VERSATILE - Whether you're a pole dancer, rock climber or weightlifter Mana liquid chalk helps enhance your performance in a wide range of activites.


    ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK - White chalk is boring. Mana liquid chalk comes in a light orange colour and packs a refreshing orange scent.


    COMPACT - Packed in a full resealable 250ml bottle, Mana liquid chalk is easy for use on the go without having to worry about creating a mess.