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Do you struggle to remember what exercises, weights, sets and repetitions you completed in your last workout?


Has your training hit a plateau?


Our A5 Logbooks contain expertly designed templates, making tracking your training incredibly easy.

  • Product Info

    SET YOUR GOALS - What are your training goals? When do you want to achieve them by? Detail up to 6 training goals in the Mana Logbook so you know exactly what you are striving for.


    A5 SIZE - Giving you more than enough room to track your workouts in clear detail, no need for tiny handwriting!


    RECORD EVERY WORKOUT - The Mana Logbook lets you record 100 workouts with up to 11 exercises per session, your tempo, rest intervals and your cardio, giving you complete control over every aspect of your training.


    MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS - Track your progress by logging your measurements and personal bests on the 4 back pages. A great way to see how close you are to achieving the goals you set.