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Wrist Wraps

Does your wrist strength prevent you from getting the absolute most out of every workout? Are your wrists hurting when performing certain exercises?


Mana Wrist Wraps enhance your workouts by providing greatly improved strength in your wrists. They are a great accessory to increase the intensity of your workouts, and to help prevent injuries, allowing you to focus on your training and maximizing your results. 


The innovative design eliminates the need for any pesky thumb loops, providing stability and greatly improved comfort.

  • Product Info

    ONE SIZE TO RULE THEM ALL – With a width of 3 inches and 18 inches in length, Mana wrist wraps cover your wrist multiple times to provide the maximum level of support


    GO THUMBLESS – Our innovative cable tightening system greatly increases comfort by eliminating the need for those circulation-restricting thumb loops, leaving you free to wear the wrist wraps for as long as you need in complete comfort